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About Us


TosHost (Pvt.) Ltd.

TosHost is the leading hosting provider in the world and today TosHost is providing service among 40+ countries and we’ve 10,000+ domain registrations with good success rate. TosHost believes in customer satisfaction and they are giving 24 hours’ customer support for their reliable client to solve any problem within one support ticket only.


TosHost utilize enterprise-grade equipment so they believe in own service, no matter what other is doing on the node. We started with Zero but clients good feedback supporting us for going forward which is the key of our success. Good Service is the main focus and goal of TosHost and your service will always be at fast which you expect it to be.


TosHost always treat with you as individual and we can’t wait to solve your problem. For this reliability, we’re going on with you and we strongly realize your needs and demand from us. We know A single website or blog is a part of great business and service among the whole world so we always try to maintain a great log for security and accessibility of our server. We’re keeping some top-notch security and maintenance service on our server with experts.


TosHost knows customer needs from a lot of experience in this field. So, if you need any kinds of technical and managing support, we’re just a ticket away. For any kinds of needs create a ticket and we’ll be glad to serve you with your query and we’ll stay all the time at your side.


TosHost Overview
TosHost (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in July 2012 with an enthusiasm young men named Shehab Ahmed, who is the also founder of Total Online Solution BD Limited. With the growing success rate then Mahmudur Rahman and Steven Edward starts to work with TosHost in the early 2014 and 2016 Mainul Islam another partner start to work with TosHost. In 2017 Total Online Solution BD Limited has started TosHost Tutorial Academy.


We’ve now hundreds of servers in different countries with five data Centre and your satisfaction and good feedback is the key for going on and to serve you the best from us.


TosHost Specialty

  • We never sleep: If you need us at any time, we’re here and we never feed bored with you to give proper support. You’ll be happy that we work for you 24/7/365 and our reliable customer manager always at your side. Just give us a phone call or live chat with us or submit a support ticket. We’ll come back within very short times. As we know your time is so valuable.
  • We’re affordable: When considering the highest quality of support, hardware, features and unbeatable uptime; no-one comes close to matching our prices or our service! So, you can Cheers with us!
  • We’re very friendly: Though we maintain our professionalism, we’re very friendly too. We believe to work with fun and our customer like this attitude from us very much.
  • 30 days Moneyback Guarantee: We know you’ll like and get satisfaction with our services. But for any reason you feel in need to stop from digital world or if you think it’s not working for you for any mistake from both sides, we give Moneyback Guarantee within 30 days. Guaranteed.
  • Multiple Server Location: You’ll be happy that TosHost maintains multiple server location in USA, Canada, UK and Singapore Asia. So, it’s plus for you and many more location will be added soon. You can start with us locally or internationally very easily with great uptime services.
  • We’re here to stay: Unlike many companies who have plans of selling out, we have plans for sticking around for a very long time. We are fiscally responsible, debt-free, and we focus on our financials to ensure the upmost stability to our customers.


Our Mission & Vission
TosHost only one great mission and vision is to give proper support to the customer with our 6 years’ experience in the hosting industry with highest level of service and support and we follow our rules for all of our small and big clients like you.


TosHost Archives

July 2012: Established TosHost by Shehab Ahmed under Total Online Solution BD Limited
2014: Partner added – Mahmudur Rahman and Steven Edward
2016: Partner Added – Mainul Islam
2017: Established TosHost Tutorial Academy


TosHost Technical Archive:

2012 : 1st server deploy
2013 : Start UK location Servers / Start providing managed cPanel VPS / Lunch Backup Solution for everyone
2014 : 1st owned server deploy
2014 : A new state-of-the-art data Centre location is opened in Singapore / Start Providing Dedicated server
2015 : Start Germany Location Server / extend 24x7 support and TosHost complete their first 100K sales.
2016 : Live Chat support added / Deploy 1st Bangladeshi server and start providing hosting in Bangladesh Location with 100Mbps Speed
2017: Established TosHost Tutorial Academy


Today’s TosHost position would not succeed if our reliable customer never support us. So, total credit for this postion of TosHost goes to our reliable customer in real.

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